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Bridal & Wedding Gifts

Attention all mothers of the bride, fathers of the bride, friends or family of the bride: Come see us! We have the best bridal selections. From mother of pearl clutches, decorative wedding dress clothes hangers, to stunning jewelry that she will treasure wearing while she says, “I do!” come in and see us!


Need a Last-Minute Gift?

Need a quick hostess gift or shower present? An initial stemless wine glass is perfect! How about a candle that will last forever and permeate the home with a luxurious scent? Or for your mother-in-law, print out a family photo and pop it into a mother-of-pearl frame! We’ve got you covered! Come see us on …


About Monograms Plus

In 1990, Tealla (“Tea-Luh”) Stewart was a new mom and she wanted so badly to dress her baby girl in a monogrammed pair of linen bloomers. However, she could not find any place that could do a monogram to her liking (we’re kind of perfectionists around here). So, she started Monograms Plus!